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Why you should purchase GRABO over the Tawi lifter


What exactly is GRABO?

GRABO is an electrical device that grips, holds, and lifts items with the precision of a suction cup. The electric double cup lifter is the first of its kind in the world. It is used to carry objects and uses the suction mechanism to adhere itself to surfaces firmly. A mechanical pressure gauge, a rechargeable and detachable battery, an autonomously induced vacuum pump with a rubber seal, and a multi-socket charger are all included.

What mechanism does GRABO work on?

It operates in the same way as a suction cup, by creating a vacuum between the surface to be raised and a flexible, primarily rubber material. It retains air in the rubber-covered area, and when the cup is pressed against the surface, the air inside is forced out, generating a vacuum and ensuring a tight grip. 

First, place the tool on the object’s surface, then press the green button atop it. It activates the vacuum pump, pumping air between the rubber seal and the surface outside, providing enough pressure to retain a firm hold on the object. The device can now be lifted. The device can be switched off, and the created pressure maintained. However, we recommend that the vacuum pump be left running to provide a continuous vacuum flow in case of air leaks when lifting. Press the red button to release GRABO’s grip on the surface, and you’re ready to go.

GRABO is available in three different models.

GRABO is currently available in three (3) models: the Nemo GRABO, the GRABO Pro-lifter 20, and the GRABO H, the latter being the lightest. The net weight of the Nemo GRABO is 3.3 lbs (1.6kg). It has a mechanical gauge with a protective rubber cover and is appropriate for all types of surfaces. The maximum weight that Nemo GRABO can hoist is 375 lbs (170kg). It comes with a comprehensive kit that includes an extra rubber seal and battery and a user manual, and a carry bag for easy transportation. The Nemo GRABO is an excellent tool for construction projects. It also includes four lugs on each side for connection to a lifting device such as the Erguo S1.

The GRABO Pro-lifter 20 features a more sophisticated design and weighs in at 3.2 lbs. It has the same maximum lifting capacity as Nemo GRABO. A sophisticated digital pressure sensor, an automatic stop feature, and a digital display are included. An extra rubber seal is included in the set, and it is suited for all sorts of surfaces.

GRABO H is the smallest of the three. It is ideal for light-duty work and menial tasks. Compared to Nemo GRABO and GRABO Pro-Lifter 20, it is appropriate for all surfaces but has a much lower lifting capacity. The battery capacity is likewise limited; thus, it can only be used for domestic tasks and pastimes. It lacks an automatic stop feature, a digital display, and a pressure gauge.

Why GRABO over Tawi lifter?

  • GRABO’s unbeatable portability

Unlike the Tawi lifter that is bulky and heavy to move, GRABO is portable and equally mobile. GRABO is very easy to manoeuvre and convey objects from place to place with its handy design and lightweight feature. An average Tawi lifter has a net weight of 80 lbs or more, while GRABO has a net weight of 3.3 lbs (1.6kg). This outstanding feature of the tool has significantly made work more productive and faster. Workers’ health is preserved. 

  • GRABO is a cordless electronic device.

GRABO can be used over large distances. A rechargeable battery powers the device, so you don’t have to work around or be limited by its connection to its power source. Tawi lifters are usually limited in movement because they are usually plugged into a power source so that the vacuum lifter can work

  • GRABO doesn’t need a support stand to function

Every Tawi lifter is installed into a support system before it can be used. The support system is bulky and requires both hands to guide the vacuum foot to lift the object. GRABO, on the other hand, doesn’t need a support system before it can be used. It is a one-hand operated device. It also has anchoring lugs at its sides that straps or the Erguo S1 device can be attached to lift bulkier items.

  • The GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 can calculate the weight of the object to be lifted

GRABO Pro-Lifter 20 has a sophisticated design and a digital display. It has a one-stop function and calculates the weight of the object before it can lift it. It helps workers know what and how to lift the object because it clearly displays its weight in different S.I units. It allows workers to be more precise and careful, especially when lifting heavier materials, preventing possible injuries and ensuring employee safety. 

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Why you should purchase GRABO over the Tawi lifter