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The best tile vacuum lifter in the market in 2021

Handling tiles takes a lot of intentionality, carefulness and gentleness. One glaring quality of tiles is that they are prone to breakage and often slippery, especially when using our hands. Therefore, our default response is to handle it with care. Apart from the physical exertion that comes with it, sometimes, these tiles slip off and cause injury to the handler. Some, more severe than the others leading to death. Many of these workers feed their families off the wages from these jobs, so arises the question, “how can we get more work done in the easiest and safest way possible?” Nemo Power Tools LLC tackles this limitation by creating a powerful tool that lifts tiles quickly through its suction power. The name of this tool is GRABO, and it is the missing piece of the puzzle we have all been searching for.

GRABO is an electric vacuum lifter that can lift a variety of materials and just tiles. It is made up of portable plastic material, making it lightweight enough to be handled by anyone. It consists of a vacuum pump, a mechanical pressure gauge and a removable rubber seal. The vacuum lifter is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can run for one hour and thirty minutes non-stop and 900 on-off cycles.

It is a handheld equipment and can lift as heavy as 375 lbs (170kg) on a perpendicular hold and 265 lbs (130kg) on a parallel hold. It functions using the suction mechanism whereby it attaches itself to any surface. It is facilitated by a vacuum pump constructed in it and a mechanical pressure gauge, both working in combination with its removable rubber seal to generate suction and induce vacuum so that the tool can hold materials firmly and efficiently.  The device was released in February 2019, and being the first of its kind in the market, it quickly attained a top seller status and is ranked as one of the most sought-after tools in the industry on Amazon.com. It can be used on dry, wet, porous and non-porous; this is one of its outstanding qualities

How to use GRABO on a tile

The vacuum lifter has changed the way tiles are lifted, moved and fitted. Its flexible rubber seal makes it easy for the tool to attach itself to any surface. Below is how to use GRABO to lift tiles.

  • Clean the surface of the tiles

Although, GRABO can be used on many surfaces; smooth, rough, aerated, and rigid. We still advise that surfaces are free of debris before attaching the device. It is safer and easier to do so. It is also easier for the vacuum lifter to attach itself to the tile. 

  • Prepare your device and know where you are headed

First, have a clear-cut direction of when you are headed. Remember that tiles are somewhat dangerous if mishandled. Therefore, map out your route of movement. Then, unbox and assemble the device. Although GRABO usually comes assembled in its kit, however, ensure all parts are duly fitted.

  • Place on the tile and activate the vacuum pump

After assembling your GRABO, place perpendicularly on the tile and press the green button on top of the device. The button switches on the vacuum pump, which sucks out the air between the tool’s rubber seal and the tile’s surface, creating a vacuum and generating enough pressure to hold the tile firmly. The electronically powered vacuum pump makes the lifter create the suction in a matter of seconds. It is a record-breaking trait of the device as a manual winding or knob usually operates other vacuum lifters. GRABO gives a wholesome automated experience.

  • Lift the tile after the suction has been induced 

Once you are sure that the vacuum lifter is attached firmly to the tile, lift the tiles and move them. The device can still maintain suction even after the pump is turned off, but we recommend that you keep the pump running to create an allowance for air leaks caused by dirt or tear in the rubber seal. The pump will actively pump any influx of air out to maintain the vacuum and, therefore, securing its hold on the tiles.

  • Fit the tile into the proposed place and detach your GRABO

Place the tile in the proposed position and makes it sits well. Then, press the red button on top of the device to release your GRABO, and you are good to go. Using GRABO eliminates the use of hands to fit tiles from the sides, which can’t be as neat as fitting with a vacuum lifter holding the tile in the perpendicular direction. Work is easier, faster and productivity enhanced.