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How to move a glass material using GRABO's double suction lifter

GRABO adheres easily to non-porous surface areas, including porcelain tile, window, fibreglass or metals. However, to ensure a firm hold on the surface, it needs to be free of debris and soapy films before attaching your device. GRABO offers the best lifting option among other suction lifters and helps move glass easier and safer. Here are some reasons why GRABO is your best bet for lifting.

  • GRABO is an electronic device with a rechargeable battery

Most suction cup lifters are manually operated; therefore, GRABO gives an advantage of electronically powered work. Just the way you can leave your phone to charge up to a 100% battery, disconnect and begin to use so, also can you with your GRABO. The GRABO Electrical Vacuum Lifter operates by a 14.8 volt 2600 mAh Li-ion replaceable battery. It requires 2 hours to charge fully. The powerful battery can last for 900 cycles or 1.5 hours of non-stop running and thirty days on standby mode with a full charge.

  • It consists of a vacuum pump to create firm suction on surfaces of materials

Unlike other suction cup lifters with a winding atop used to induce vacuum between the suction seal and surface area, the GRABO has installed a vacuum pump in it. Once activated, it pumps the air in the suction area outside, creating enough vacuum between the suction cup and the surface; this makes the hold of the device on the glass materials strong enough to lift the object 

  • It is portable and easy to use

GRABO is so easy to use. Made using a light plastic material, the lifter has a net weight of 3.3Lbs (1.6kg). It may seem small and not strong enough to pick up materials, but GRABO has a shocking glass lifting capacity of 375lbs(170kg) on perpendicular hold and 265lbs (120kg) on parallel hold. It is simple to use and perfect for carrying glass materials carefully. Also, suppose a material is too wide to be lifted by one person. In that case, two GRABO devices can be used simultaneously for more efficient lifting, preventing any damage or injury to workers.

Whenever you move pieces of glass, you stand a high chance to break them. Since glass and clerestory windows and bath entrance doors are often customized goods, they are difficult to remake if damaged. Smart, safe, and slow-moving are the keywords for transferring and putting in glass, whether you do it yourself or employing the services of a glazier. 

Below are a few points to remember when transferring, staging, holding, and fitting in a glass material using your GRABO


  • Plan your route

Deliberately map out your route from the truck to the installation point. Check for measurements, and clear your path of all debris or anything likely to cause disruption. Map out turns, and put wood blocks anywhere the glass will be set down. A piece of glass shouldn’t touch the ground. 

  • Prepare your device

Every GRABO comes in a kit, may need putting together to be used.  Clean up the device, attach the rubber seal, input a full charged battery. You can test out the device on a separate surface first before placing it on the glass. 

  • Place on the glass object

Place your GRABO on the material, then press down the green button, this switches on the vacuum pump, and in a few minutes, the pump sucks out the air in the preferred area. Cross-check the seal to make sure the device is firmly attached to the surface before lifting. Also, as you lift, keep the pump running to take care of any form of air leaks during movement.

  • Move carefully and use proper carrying technique

As you lift the glass, gently move according to the path you have mapped out. A good glazier should be proactive and think ahead in case of unexpected occurrences. Please keep your eyes on the road while firmly using your hands to secure the object. Glass can’t support its weight; therefore, carry it on its upright side as if you would have drywall or plywood. If it is too heavy, use your GRABO on the lower part of the material while using your other hand to support it on the higher side. It helps to keep stability. Also, please put on safety rubber gloves to prevent any mishap. Finally, remember to keep the vacuum pump of your GRABO running as you move the object.

  • Set the object down carefully and release your GRABO

Place the glass in the proposed location carefully and once it is rightly fitted, press the red button on your GRABO to release its hold on the material, and you are good to go. Repeat the same for all other glass pieces and when you are done, recharge the battery and then store it appropriately.