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A new for speed in warehousing operations with Vaculex tp

A warehouse's primary function includes collecting, storing, handling goods, and making them readily available for transporting whenever it is needed. Warehouses require equipment that will not only make your task easier but also much more productive. When the right tools are employed in warehouse operations, efficiency can be obtained.

To make informed decisions about the material handling equipment and storage systems to use, revisit the warehouse’s layout and design. Take into account the structure in your storehouses, such as the walls, doors, and columns. This is how you can get an idea of the space where all processes in operations will take place, as well as what equipment will be best suited for your warehouse. Also, as a warehouse manager, you understand that not maximizing the efficiency of a piece of equipment is a waste of resources. It is vital to select the appropriate equipment when running a warehouse. Speeding up the manual handling of loads while prioritizing the safety of the goods and your workers is a priority.

Warehouse "speed" equipment

The Vaculex TP is ideal for handling express parcels, packages, and cartons up to 65kg.  The Vaculex TP is recognised for its speed and its easy-to-operate features. All of the controls are housed on a bit of grip with a suction cup. The equipment can rotate 360° and angle 90° to lift cargo. The unit allows an operator to move freely while guiding the load with their hand, requiring little exertion during the lifting operation. With Vaculex Tp, you can pick up items from the top or side, turn the load if necessary, and quickly place it where you need them. The lifter's top and bottom swivel allow you to rotate the items instead of the lifter, assuring exceptional precision. The quick-release feature ensures that no time is lost when the device is released. The lifter is usually attached to a railing. Now, it may be installed in low-ceilinged places, giving it a lot of versatility. It comes in other materials, such as stainless steel. It may be customised with various accessories (such as remote controllers, energy-saving systems, and several types of suction feet) to meet your specific business needs. With Vaculex TP, you can rest assured that operations in your warehouse are going to be much faster.

On the other hand, Nemo Power Tool GRABO PRO is handheld and portable. Unlike other manual handheld solutions, GRABO PRO is lightweight and is designed to provide a better grip. This lifter comes in handy, especially when there are long-distance trips to be made within the warehouse. The GRABO Pro-Lifter is delivered as a complete unit, including a pre-installed battery and a vacuum seal. It comes with a multi-socket charger, and a heavy-duty carry case is among the other items included in the set. The entire equipment comes in a brightly coloured box that is both functional and attractive. GRABO is designed to make your work easier by saving time, pain, and injury. It has a net weight of 1.5kg but has a lifting capacity of 170kg. This makes it easier to pick up, move and place different objects such as boxes and much more.  GRABO PRO is fitted with four lifting lugs on each side of the grab handle. If the tool is to be used with additional grips or straps for support, these lugs come in handy. The GRABO is ideal for warehouse workers since it improves speed while lowering workload and accidents. With this powerful, portable tool, you can move equipment, boxes, and products of all sizes swiftly and safely.

Warehouse Location

Choosing the right location for your warehouse is crucial because it can help you save time, energy, and cost while streamlining and maximising your service for you and your customers. Here are a few things to consider.


Access to roads and highways, as well as local traffic congestion, must also be taken into account, mainly if trucking is the primary means of transportation.

Proximity to carrier facilities and consumers

The goal is to choose a site that provides a good blend of convenience and closeness to your target clients, as well as a carrier service. Additionally, choosing a location within a reasonable distance of the manufacturing facility, warehouse storage, and customer will make the shipping procedure less tedious and less expensive.

The use of technology 

Warehouse operations, in general, rely significantly on technology. It's crucial, then, that the location where you establish your warehouse makes for the most efficient utilization technology. So also ensure that the area your warehouse is located allows for basic technology like electricity, plumbing, internet access. It is not safe to assume these structures are already in place. 

Storage requirement 

Naturally, your storage requirements are an essential consideration to make early in the planning stages of any warehouse relocation. You'll need to find a location that meets all of your requirements, including dedicated storage, production facilities, and packing rooms. There may be additional unique requirements to consider, such as cold/warm storage, fire-resistant packaging, and so on.


A warehouse is only as efficient as its tools. One of the hallmarks of a successful storage house is speed. How quickly are you able to ship your goods? Choosing the right location and the right equipment is necessary to improve warehousing operations.

A new for speed in warehousing operations with Vaculex tp