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Home improvements ideas with Lowes Asheboro

Around the house, there will always be items to repair, replace, or upgrade. There's always a home improvement job to do, whether it's repairing an appliance, buying and installing a new item, altering a room, or expanding an outside area. This is why home improvement companies such as Lowes exist! Lowes is a home improvement store headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, with several retail stores all over the United States; if you're situated in Asheboro, there is a Lowes store right there. Here are a few home improvement projects Lowes can help you bring to life.

Carpeting and ceilings

Dirt, stains, and dents stick to floors and ceilings, destroying the beauty of a place. This is a project a lot of homeowners embark on. You can replace carpeting, flooring, panelling, or ceiling tiles. The most popular home repair project in the country was replacing underfoot and overhead surfaces. A home improvement company you can trust to give you the very best carpeting catalogue to choose from is Lowes. Look to Lowe's for your carpet installation. Homeowners in Asheboro, Lowes Asheboro, can help you find and install the perfect carpet for your home at an affordable rate.

Plumbing fixes 

Plumbing upgrades, such as replacing a conventional bathroom sink with a vessel sink or a built-in tub with a freestanding tub, can be a budget method to improve a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or mudroom without a significant redesign. If you're looking to upgrade your home, don't leave out the plumbing fittings to make these splash zones more attractive. If you're ever confused about what you might need for your plumbing upgrade, Shop Lowe's Asheboro for quality pipes and fittings, from PVC pressure fittings and ABS DWV pipe to sewer drain pipe.

Built-in appliances

Your dishwasher and garbage disposal don't take vacations, which could explain why they break down when you least expect it. You can update their built-in kitchen appliances for an average of $570, the lowest cost on this list. To get Professional Installation services of built-in appliances, contact Lowes Asheboro.

Windows and Doors

Window and door replacement not only keeps out drafts and maintains a healthy internal temperature, but it can also improve curb appeal. House owners are most likely to go all out on window and door replacements. Some of them even opt to get it fixed on their own. A little DIY family project is an excellent way to bond. An essential tool you would need to ensure your safety is GRABO, an electric portable vacuum lifter. If you have made your home in the all-American city, as Asherbero is fondly called, you can shop at Lowes Asheboro for GRABO as well as for your perfect window and door exteriors.

Water heaters

Rusty water to rumbling noises indicates that your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan. While many homeowners feel that upgrading a water heater is an expensive investment, it is rather affordable.  You would have to suck it up and replace the broken, outdated water heater. Lowes Asheboro offers a variety of water heaters for you to pick from.


Roof replacement was perhaps the most costly home improvement job in the US in 2017. Making this crucial upgrade will protect your investment in your home in the long run. If your home is In the heart of North Carolina, getting your roofing supplies at Lowes Asheboro is probably the best decision you ever make. Lowes also provides roofing installation services with professional independent roofing contractors, a two-year labour warranty, and Special Financing options.


You probably invest a lot of effort—and money—into keeping your lawn lush; no matter how big it is, people are likely to spend on landscaping and sprinkler systems to keep their yards well-watered and picturesque. After all, there are no such things as too many flowers, plants, or trees. Arrange them with fancy pathways and lights to create a beautiful scene. If you can't decide on what landscaping ideas suit your home, gardening and landscape experts at Lowes can help you decide and bring them to life.


Electrical wiring that is outdated, degraded, or inadequately installed can cause fires, inadvertent shocks, and even death. It's no surprise that in 2017, 2.2 million U.S citizens paid an average of $1,473 to replace or update electrical wiring, fuse boxes, or breaker switches to keep their houses' electrical systems working efficiently and safely. At Lowe's, they have an extensive electrical department filled with all the supplies and tools you require to power up your home. 


External obstacles such as fences, garden walls, and other barriers serve a variety of uses. They serve to demarcate the property line, protect pets and children, prevent intruders, and protect privacy. Given their utility, if you have a remodelling project, fencing upgrades for your home should be on the list. At Lowes, independent professional fence installers will cater to your fencing needs and everything that comes with it, from finding a fence that best suits your needs, yard, and home architectural style to the installation.

Built-in heaters 

Furnaces and other built-in heating equipment can break down or stop working entirely over time, necessitating repairs or replacement.  In the last couple of years, many people have invested in their built-in heating equipment. Keeping the home warm and worry-free over the winter is a necessity, after all. Lowes Asheboro provides built-in appliance installation services.

Hardware tools

Lowes has the tools to get the job done.  From essential hand tools to power tools such as vacuum lifters. If you're ever in need of a suction cup for a DIY project as a homeowner in Asheboro, GRABO suction cup Lifter is an all-in-one lifter that will make your job much easier and faster.